Calling all Service Managers!

The endless cycle of contract > renewal > contract can be difficult enough to administer, but what about lost or expired contracts that could have been renewed?  Now your administrative headache has morphed onto lost revenue.  Differentiation between free contracts (i.e. warranties) and paid-for service contracts adds a layer of complication.

Using and chosen partners, we have established a robust solution designed to bring visibility and flexibility to your service contracts and renewals.  Auto-renewals, manual renewals and new contracts are all managed.  Revenue is protected as each and every contract becomes visible.  Reminders to your customers, to your service agents or to you as a manager, all help in the process.  Online, automatic contracts and signatures add the final touches to a totally end-to-end solution for Service Contracts and Renewals.


Common Challenges and requirements

  • To provide a simple, efficient solution to manage renewals Opportunities and Service Contracts.
  • To manage the cycle of Opportunity to  Service Contract to renewals broken down by supported item to ensure all contracts are viewed and renewed
  • To send documentary evidence to the customer including reminder, update letter and contract
  • To obtain electronic signature for agreement of final contract

Creating Service Contracts to manage a Renewal Process

  • Create new Service Contract with a single click from a closed won Opportunity
  • Update existing Service Contracts from a closed Opportunity
  • Use Salesforce Assets, converted from Opportunity Products, on Contract Line items


Managing Renewal Process from the Service Contract

  • Create renewal Opportunities from a Service Contract record with a single click
  • Create Opportunity Products on a renewal Opportunity based on Service Contract Line Items
  • Choose which Contract Line Items be part of a renewal Opportunity
  • Manage in one Service Contract the renewal Opportunities history

Renewing a Service Contract from a Renewal Opportunity

  • Renew a Service Contract from Closed Won renewal Opportunity
  • Update Contract Line Items based on renewal Opportunity Products

Creating complex contracts

  • Merge Opportunity Line Items to a Contract document to show individually supported items
  • Add variable customer-selectable options to the Contract dependant upon options such as service visits per year and payment terms offered
  • Add routing of contract to be signed by customer and contract owner
  • Write back customer-selectable options to for analysis and for updates to be used in the following renewal years