Top 10 Resasons Why You Should Be Listening…


In an Internet based tech world, there are more reasons to use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter than not.  Here is what we think are great candidates for the the top 10.

1: Establish Brand

With millions of users actively engaging on social media platforms, it is the ideal opportunity to harness the power of numbers and establish brand recognition.  Whether you’re posting photos, special sales or compelling info about your product or services, your brand automatically is right in front of the user’s eyes and becomes a regular known name.

2: Cost Effective

Even if you don’t have deep pockets for marketing, social media platforms are free, and free is always good.  It’s an effective way to keep profits in the wallet.

3: User-Friendly

Social media platforms are easy to use.  You’ll find each has a user guide for instructions, and you don’t have to be a tech guru to use them.

4: Interactive Communication

Using social media platforms, you can interact with viewers on a one-on-one basis.  These platforms are set up for a give and take that creates an open environment for conversation and a sharing of ideas.

5: Expand Customer Base

Whether you’re a small business or large business, growth is essential for business sustainability.  Using social media platforms gives a business a larger audience to gain market share.  If you don’t have a presence on social media platforms today, you’re sending your potential customers to your competitors.

6: Target Audience

It’s pointless to market to individuals who aren’t interested in your product or service.  For example, trying to sell anti-aging cream to teenagers will certainly prove ineffective.  With social media platforms, businesses can target specific groups with the right demographics that are well-matched for their products or service.

7: Develop Long-Term Relationships

Making a sale requires several soft touches.  It takes time to cultivate relationships, and social media platforms are the ideal venues where you can approach potential customers several times using different strategies, such as notification of new discounts and new topics in your specialty.  Social media sites offer the opportunity to slowly build relationships that will eventually result in sales.

8: Levels the Playing Field

Even if a business is small, it can compete with larger corporations to gain market share.  With engaging content and useful information, small businesses can create a strong presence on the web and capture new customers.

9: Real-Time Communication

Social media platforms offer real-time communication on a global basis.  Businesses can communicate with customers anytime of the day or night.  In a consumer world where customers want instant gratification, questions and concerns can be addressed in an expedient manner.

10: 21st Century Hip

Even if you communicate with prospective customers via email or face-to-face, there will come a time when customers will ask to communicate with you on a social media platform.  These platforms are all the rage and if you don’t have a presence, you’re just not 21st century hip.


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