Fewer clicks and good data at the same time is possible!

Winning business and meeting targets is dramatically enhanced by good quality and complete data. Collecting and recording this data can be seen as a burden to sales or service teams and incomplete information can lead to lost sales and missed milestones in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We know that offering a page full of mandatory and dependent fields on the Opportunity, Account or Case page layout is not necessarily the right answer, so what do we need? The answer is “Guided Data Entry”


Common Challenges and requirements

  • Complicated procedures causing user apathy in using Salesforce.com
  • Incorrect or insufficient data in Case Records completed by Support personnel
  • Many records need to be updated or deleted at one time, with as few clicks as possible

Salesforce Visual Workflow

Salesforce.com has introduced a tool called Visual Workflow. Commonly known as Flows, this feature has powerful functionality that would normally need extensive and expensive coding to provide the same features.

A whole range of easily configured solutions can be attached to a simple button or link for single-click launch.

Solutions achieved with Flow

Simplify and monitor procedures

  • Provide a series of concise screens in a logical order to guide the user through the process
  • Guide the user down a process path dependent upon previous decisions or data within the record, for example: Is the customer covered by a support agreement
  • Create an Opportunity and add a Contact Role or a specific Opportunity Team from the Account page with a single click
  • Automatically send emails, internal or external from an existing email alert workflow action or a newly created email

Data Validation

  • Quickly create a new record with default values populated
  • Assist users in updating an existing record while creating a new one. For example reviewing and updating Contact details such as email address and phone numbers then validating support requirements before creating a new Case
  • Monitor the process by automating approvals

Mass updating/deleting records

  • Mass update related records to a parent object. For example use a single click to close all child opportunities when the parent Opportunity is set to “Closed Won”

“Coming soon” features and Pilots Programmes

  • With Salesforce.com Winter ’15 Release, Visual Workflows will be able to create Chatter Posts. (This is a possible future feature, please refer to Salesforce.com official website for further information)
  • Pause a Flow! From Winter ’15 the ability to pause a Flow, for example whilst a Case Status is set to “Waiting on Client Action” improves flexibility of use for Flows
  • A Pilot Programme is available to create a flow trigger workflow action to launch a Flow from workflow rules providing endless possibilities for process automation