A successful business starts with perseverance, determination, a great idea, and the right tools. Finding the right tools requires taking full advantage of trials, such as the FREE Salesforce Trial.

Salesforce.com is a Customer Relationship Management and Service Support solution that helps businesses better engage with and serve their customers while benefiting a company’s sales and marketing professionals. A Salesforce trial is an excellent option for SMB / SME businesses because the owner can leverage the components with one or more employees. A Successful Salesforce trial begins with the right mindset and focus.


1. Determine What Constitutes Success Before Starting The Trial

Knowing what you deem as success before you start a Salesforce Trial does two things for your business. First, it helps you decide how successful the product will be for your company. With the benchmarks in place, you have something to check off. Secondly, it sets clear objectives for the trial and determines the needs of the business that the solution will fill.


2. Keep The Trial To A Single Day

When you sign up to a trial of Salesforce Trial, plan to set a day aside and focus on making the trial work for you. Although the trial can be for 30 days, spending more than a day at this stage is a potentially unnecessary use of your business’s valuable time. If the solution is going to work for your company, you will know in the first day. Of course, you need to determine realistic goals for the trial first. Once you have outlined the goals, keeping the trial to a single day is easier and more cost effective. A single day also reduces the amount of time (and subsequently money) an employee or boss spends on the trial. Single day trials increase the likely-hood of success as you can stay focused on the CRM rather than spreading it over weeks.


3. Don’t Over Analyze The Solution

Keep to the script and forget getting into the infinite detail of Salesforce. You just need to achieve the objectives you set yourself at the beginning. Saleforce.com has many components, which are impossible to discover fully in a day. Focus on the needs of your company and once you have implemented the first phase and are beginning to benefit and see the ROI you can then spend the time to figure out everything Salesforce can do for you and the additional benefits you can secure.


4. Don’t Spend Time Over Learning The Product

Salesforce.com has deep and rich functionality and is not limited to just what you need in phase 1. Just learn the functions needed to achieve the goals set for the trial rather than spending valuable time on learning advanced options that will not change the value of your objectives. Once you decide Saleforce.com is for you, you can have an employee learn the details and more advanced functionality as part of your implementation. Spending valuable time trying to learn the full solution during the trial phrase compromises your objectives and time constraints.


5. Jump-Start Your Trial With A Partner That Will Set Your Business Up For Success

Get your trial off to a good start by working with a Salesforce partner that can help you make the most of your trial period.Salesforce consultants and partners want your company to succeed and help you set up your Salesforce.com trial for success. CloudGenies provides a FREE One Day Trial Support service that helps you setup the basics and delivers immediate orientation of the solution eliminating any confusion of the early stages of a solution. You will soon determine how Salesforce.com will work for your company.

Salesforce FREE Trial

Setting your business up for success with a trial of salesforce.com is possible. Choose a company that offers Salesforce QuickStart services. Set clear objectives. Then, avoid the pitfalls, such as spending too much time learning the solution, spending too much time or too little time over the course of the trial and over analyzing the product. Your business can succeed with a Saleforce.com trial.