Salesforce Process Automation

Automate for productivity gains and profitability growth!

Automate to gain commercial advantage

Automation ensures smooth and timely delivery of information to customers, prospects and employees securing productivity benefits and maintaining data integrity and consistent content.

Contract Renewal Automation

Automate call to action

Create new Opportunities from Contracts that a due to expire in the future, alert customers and prompt Sales reps. to follow up and chase down renewals.  


Proposal Generation

Pull dynamic information from an Opportunity and any related information and merge in data sheets and brochures into a highly branded customer facing proposal.

Collect data from customer and update salesforce as part of an electronic signing process.


Guided Selling

Build guided paths for your sales reps, to follow as part of the Lead Qualification Process.

  • Prompt for questions to be asked
  • Validate and collect data
  • Provide upsell opportunities 
  • Ensure data accuracy and completeness
  • Qualify, qualify, qualify 


Our Approach = Your Success

Our unique approach to solving your challenges has helped over 300 customers in more than 700 projects to be successful in Salesforce

Keeping comprehensive solutions simple.

We recognise that there are unique elements to your requirements and your desire to capitalise on best practice and common ways of working.

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