Salesforce Integration with Xero

Integrate Salesforce with Xero

What are the basics of integrating Salesforce with Xero?

The essential elements of integrating Salesforce with Xero are twofold.

  • Master Data (Customers, Contacts and Products)
  • Transactional Data (Opportunities – with or without Product Line Items)

Integrating Accounts and Contacts from Salesforce to Xero

There are several considerations when integrating Accounts and Contacts between Salesforce and Xero.

  • Firstly we need to check if the Account or Contact exists in Xero already, and if so what action is to be taken. 
  • When creating a new Customer in Xero we then need to write back certain information back to Saelsforce, like the Xero Acco
  • It is also important to consider if changes are made in either Salesforce or Xero, what actions are to be taken?